Flag Football

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Flag Football program is a simplified program to introduce children from Pre-School through the Second grade to organized football.

Our program participates in the USA Football - NFL Flag program. Players teams are based on NFL team names and each player receives NFL style flag jersey and NFL flags which are theirs to keep at the end of the season.

The focus is on having fun, learning the basics of the game, and working together as a team. Mostly, it's about the fun. Each child will be placed in either the Pre-School/DK/Kindergarten division or the First/Second grade division depending on the child's grade and age on September 1 of the current year.


As much as we like to, we are unable to accept or satisfy any special requests regarding specific coaches, teams, practice schedules, game schedules, or number of home games. Thanks for your understanding.

Q. Is the Rockford Youth Flag Program affiliated with or run by the Rockford school district?

The program is run with the cooperation of the school district but is is no way affiliated with the school district. The program is a part of the WMYFB (West Michigan Youth Football League) and run solely by volunteers.

Q. What is the Practice Schedule Typically Like?

There are 4 practices maximum for the season. Practice can only occur the first week and one practice can be held over for after labor day, but must be used before game 3. Each team's practice schedule and location is determined by the head coach and NOT the Field Director.

Q. What Equipment Does My Child Need?

There is no special equipment required. We provide the NFL style flag jerseys and flags, you provide the shorts and shoes. Cleats are now allowed, but only molded cleats with no metal or screw in cleats.

Q. What Can I Expect As Far As a Game Schedule for My Child's Team?

The first two games are on the two Saturdays prior to Labor Day and the two Saturdays following Labor Day.  Games are played at either the Rockford High School TED Stadium, East Rockford Middle School or North Rockford Middle School football fields. Games can start between the hours of 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Saturdays. All games are played against other Rockford Teams. Schedules are handed out by coaches. Schedules are subject to changed due to field availability and conflicts with the Tackle Program.

Q. How are Players Assigned to a Team?

Teams are constructed by evenly distributing kids by age within each age group. No special arrangements are made for neighbors or geography. With over 300 kids participating on 32 teams we can not honor special requests.

Rockford Youth Football, Inc.

The Rockford Youth Football Program, RYFB, is a community based program in Rockford, Michigan, whose mission is to provide a safe and fun environment for learning and playing youth football.  The Youth Program is for kids in grades Pre School through 6th Grade, and participants do not have to be a Rockford resident to participate.  RYFB is a member of the West Michigan Youth Football League.


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Head Field Director: Cody Gross
Email: fd@rockfordyfb.com

Assistant Field Director: Brandon Bassham
Email: rock7s@rockfordyfb.com

Registrations: Tim Miller
Email: registration@rockfordyfb.com

Head Flag Director: Justin Bascom
Email: flagfd@rockfordyfb.com

Player Safety Director: Brandon Bassham
Email: fd2@rockfordyfb.com