Concussion Awareness

In 2012, Michigan passed Public Acts 342 & 343 - Michigan Sports Concussion Law.  Michigan was the 39th state to pass this law in 2012.  It requires coaches, employees, volunteers, and other adults who are involved in youth athletics to complete concussion awareness training.  It requires organizations to provide educational materials and most importantly it requires that organizations remove from play any youth athlete suspsected of sustaining a concussion and it requires that a youth athlete must obtain written clearance from an appropriate health professional prior to returning to play should the athlete have suffered a concussion.

We are meeting the Michigan laws as follows.

  • Each year we provide a Concussion Awarness document that must be read and acknowledged as part of each players registration.
  • We are part of the USA Football Heads Up program which provides our coaches and volunteers with concussion awareness training.
  • During the first week of non-contact practice each coach ensures that a baseline test is completed for each player.  
  • We also use the King Devick test to quickly assess a player who is suspected to have a concussion or concussion like symptoms.
  • At lesat one Field Director monitors all games and helps provide each coach with additional resources and assistance during every game.  
  • Additionally our coaches teach proper tackling and blocking.  Proper tackling and blocking techniques are a very imporant part to preventing concussions in football.

We also hold a parent meeting where we cover concussion awareness as well as all other aspects of Player Safety.  This years meeting is August 09, 2016 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm @ Rockford High School Auditorium

Concussion Awareness Materials

Below are links to resources that we ask each parent to look through.  With everyone becoming more aware of concussions and their symptoms we can help make football safer.

Concussion Awareness Form 

King-Devick Concussion Test

Heads Up Quick Reference

USA Football Concussion Awareness



Rockford Youth Football, Inc.

The Rockford Youth Football Program, RYFB, is a community based program in Rockford, Michigan, whose mission is to provide a safe and fun environment for learning and playing youth football.  The Youth Program is for kids in grades Pre School through 6th Grade, and participants do not have to be a Rockford resident to participate.  RYFB is a member of the West Michigan Youth Football League.


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Head Field Director: Cody Gross

Assistant Field Director: Brandon Bassham

Registrations: Tim Miller

Head Flag Director: Justin Bascom

Player Safety Director: Brandon Bassham