Player Safety

Our top priority as a youth football program is player safety.  We take this very seriously and each year we work hard to improve awareness and train the many volunteers that make this program possible.  In addition we are proud members of USA Football.  They provide a program called Heads Up Football.  It focuses on several elements that together help create a Safer Football Experience.

In 2015 we expanded our safety program.  We purchased 2 AED's (Automated External Defibrillator) that will be at each field.  These units will be right next to the fields and ready should an emergency arise where they are needed.  Having these on hand is just as much about the safety of the many fans as it is the players.  Additionally, all field directors, referees, and other key volunteers will become First Aid and CPR certified.  First responders saves lives and we want to do everything we can to ensure we are have the ability to respond quickly.  Rockford is one of the only programs that are taking these steps.  We will always pride ourselves in leading the way in Player Safety for Youth Football.

We have 2 Player Safety Coaches in our program.  Their mission is to help drive Player Safety Awareness and training for our program.  Below are brief introductions to the USA Football Heads Up program.  For additional information please visit the link under Player Safety. 

Concussion Awarenes

Rockford Youth Football has partnered with USA Football to provide valuable training to our coachs and volunteers.  Understanding the signs and symptoms of a concussion and the stages of recovery should a child have one is extremely important.  We do not take this lightly.  Every member of our program live by this motto: "When in doubt, sit them out"  For more information about concussion awareness pleasea visit the link under the Player Safety.

Heads Up Tackling

Understanding how to to properly tackle is essential to improve head safety in football.  Through USA Football our coaches are trained to provide the necessary instruction on the principles of heads up tackling.  

Heads up Blocking

New to the USA Football Heads Up program, heads up blocking helps teach players the proper way to block while ensuring they maintain the correct body and head posture.

Heat & Hydration

Football starts in late August, one of the hottest months in Michigan and without the proper hydration our young athletes could face something severe as a heat stroke if not properly monitored.  It is important to hydrate your athlete and equally important as a program to ensure we understand the signs and symptoms that heat and lack of hydration can cause.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Another new part of the Heads Up Program, and as mentioned above, it is vital that we are capable of providing properly trained first responders.  With prompt recognition, early CPR and use of an AED, sudden cardiac arrest is largely a survivable event if treated quickly. 

Equipment Fitting

A very important part of safety is properly fitted equiipment.  As a program we do not provide equipment.  So it is very important that parents understand what goes into fitting helmets and shoulder pads.  We have an equipment page under our League Info menu that has many links to different equipment manufacturers, fitting guides and additional information about what we as a program require.

Rockford Youth Football, Inc.

The Rockford Youth Football Program, RYFB, is a community based program in Rockford, Michigan, whose mission is to provide a safe and fun environment for learning and playing youth football.  The Youth Program is for kids in grades Pre School through 6th Grade, and participants do not have to be a Rockford resident to participate.  RYFB is a member of the West Michigan Youth Football League.


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Head Field Director: Cody Gross

Assistant Field Director: Brandon Bassham

Registrations: Tim Miller

Head Flag Director: Justin Bascom

Player Safety Director: Brandon Bassham