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The Rockford Youth Football program is only as good as our volunteers. With 22-26 tackle teams we need quality individuals to step up and volunteer as a head coach. If you have some football background, a teaching spirit, organizational skills, lots of patience, and a love for the game, we would love to have you consider volunteering. It's hard work, but what you take away from the experience and the impact that you have on the kids is nothing short of incredible.

Coaching assignments are handled as equitably as possible, but because we often have more head coach volunteers at the tackle level than available head coaching positions, head coaching positions are first given to those that have been a head coach in the program before and with favorable parent evaluations. If there are still head coach positions still available, positions are given randomly.

Each coach will be required to complete a coaching certification through the USA Football web site. The on line course will take a minimum of 3 hours to complete and can be stopped and started at anytime. Starting in 2016 there will be no recertification which means each year all coaches must take the full course to be certified. The login and specific information will be sent to each coach once all necessary registration forms are completed and submitted to the field director.

Coaching registration can be done online or during one of the walk-up sign-ups. In addition to the registration form, a signed background authorization, a signed Ethical Standards form and a copy of your drivers license are needed as well.

All tackle coaches are required to have a league ID that can be obtained by proof of USA Football certification the mandatory tackle coaches meeting prior to the start of the season.

Assistant Tackle Coaches are always selected by the head coach.

We're offering 2 ways to sign up as a coach this year...(1) Online registration and (2) Walk In Registration. Before you sign up to coach, check the dates for the Preseason coaches meeting. These are required meetings.

(1) Online Registration: Go to the Registration page and will register using the same web site as players, select the Coach/Volunteer option. You'll be able to enter in your personal information and the 'age group' that you're interested in coaching. There is no fee.

But you're not done. Once you finish with the online registration, print it out sign it and then mail a copy of your driver's license to the below address with a signed copy of the "Ethical Behavior Standards" form you will see with your confirmation e-mail.  If you loose the online form you can find a copy of the background consent form and the Ethical Behavior form.  Links are on the right of this page.

Mailing Address:
Attention: Rockford Rocket Coach Registration
7044 Archway Drive, NE
Rockford, MI 49341


(2) Walk In Registration: There will be a table available at each of the walk up player registration dates for people interested in coaching. To volunteer, you'll need to...

  • Complete registration online with one of the computers provide
  • Provide a signed authorization to do a background check
  • Provide a signed Ethical Standards Form
  • Provide a copy of your drivers license

Coach Resources

Bonzi Team

Because of the League Registration software we use (Bonzi), we have some valuable tools to help coaches manage their teams.  Bonzi offers each coach the ability to log into a team site where you can manage rosters, communicate with parents, post pictures, etc.  Bonzi also has a mobile apps that you can use in addition to the website.  There are links on the right where you can find more info about this.

USA Football

Each coach gets a one-year coaches membership with USA Football as part of our certification requirements.  The Coaches page with USA Football has a ton of valuable practice information, drill information, etc.  We advise each coach to leverage these resources.  If you ever need a refresher on Heads Up Football please login to your coaches page.  



Rockford Youth Football, Inc.

The Rockford Youth Football Program, RYFB, is a community based program in Rockford, Michigan, whose mission is to provide a safe and fun environment for learning and playing youth football.  The Youth Program is for kids in grades Pre School through 6th Grade, and participants do not have to be a Rockford resident to participate.  RYFB is a member of the West Michigan Youth Football League.


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Head Field Director: Cody Gross
Email: fd@rockfordyfb.com

Assistant Field Director: Brandon Bassham
Email: rock7s@rockfordyfb.com

Registrations: Tim Miller
Email: registration@rockfordyfb.com

Head Flag Director: Justin Bascom
Email: flagfd@rockfordyfb.com

Player Safety Director: Brandon Bassham
Email: fd2@rockfordyfb.com